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Blend Smoothie and Salad Bar offers a delicious way to get the vitamin-packed benefits of fruits and vegetables into your daily routine. Here at Blend, we introduce a healthy alternative to the community and provide countless options to customers. We offer several of our specialty drinks and healthier food options but ultimately, customers have the ability to build their own Smoothies, Salads, Juices, Protein Shakes, Healthy Wraps, Parfaits, Fruit cups, Acai Bowls and Avocado Toasts just the way they like. We also have highly beneficial, nutrient-filled Wheatgrass shots. Our purpose is to reach out to everyone in Hudson Valley, NY and all surrounding communities with the idea of creating a healthier lifestyle through a balanced and healthy diet of fresh smoothies, juices and healthy gourmet salads and wraps. You know the saying: "You are what you eat!" At Blend Smoothie and Salad Bar our goal is to help provide a path to better eating, with all fresh ingredients which provide many of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. ​ We have also partnered with ShopRite and are currently operating out of their Mohegan Lake location. We are very excited to expand and reach more communities through this partnership. ​ Please join us at Blend Smoothie and Salad Bar and help create a healthier lifestyle through healthy food and proper diet.

Since 2014

From humble beginnings, Blend started out at the grass roots level from a family run Smoothie and Salad shop in New Windsor, NY in 2014. Blend has grown into several of refreshing juice and salad bars operating in the Hudson Valley area- with locations in New Windsor, Middletown, Mohegan Lake, Monroe, and Beacon. Still owned by its original owners, Blend is famous for delivering delicious, healthy, and convenient food and juices made from only the freshest natural ingredients. “Since launching our first smoothie and salad bar in 2014, our goal has never changed. We always strive to give you the best – top quality, top freshness, all made with love! ”

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